Otrivin and Saatchi & Saatchi partner with Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon

Attempts an initiative to temporarily alleviate the effects of environmental pollution by mounting mist cannons to bring down suspended particles and thereby help the marathoners breathe better

As a step to help marathon enthusiasts breathe better, Otrivin sponsored the Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon which took place in Gurgaon on 3 April. Otrivin helped temporarily reduce pollution by adapting mist cannons to extract suspended particles in the air before the marathon. 

Conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland and Otrivin, this unique initiative was adapted to make the event more enjoyable for the runners.  The #BreatheBetter campaign was made possible by a Cloud Tech Dust Suppression system, which enables high pressure water fogging with a turbo air flow.  The tiny water droplets absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air, yet fall to the ground without wetness. By spraying water, dust and pollution particles stick to the droplets and fall from the sky. 

Speaking on the partnership, Saurabh Nandi, Marketing Lead, Pain and Respiratory said,Otrivin has always helped people to #BreatheBetter. A marathon is extremely relevant for us to partner with as runners need clean air to breathe as they run, more so, in a city like Gurgaon. This association is more than just a classical sponsorship; we want to help people enjoy their run more by providing cleaner air.” 

"Our insight was simple; when we go for a run after heavy rain, the air feels so much cleaner. The question was - can we make it rain artificially in a specific location, during a time-restricted event? And how can we be as efficient as possible?” added Jan Teulingkx, Global Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

"It is thrilling to imagine a race from the perspective of the air above us. As the water particles fill the sky, they could potentially reduce the smog filled with toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, paving the way for a healthier run." said Alexis Gambis PhD, Executive Director of Imagine Science Films. 

The full length of the marathon track was sprayed by Otrivin cannons before the half marathon.  During the event the air quality was measured in real time and the cannons were moved to the positions where the air was most polluted.  The idea behind doing this was to create a corridor during the course of the race, where the cannons would reduce particles of pollution in the air, improving the experience for the runners.  

For more information on the Gurgaon half marathon go to:   http://www.amity.edu/gurgaonhalfmarathon/